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Coldroom & Insulated Panelwork Design, Supply & Installation

We offer the design, supply and installation of insulated panelwork to create made to measure coldrooms and food preparation areas.
Construction – P.I.R Insulated core sandwiched between galvanised steel finished with foodsafe laminate coating. (LPCB Approved).

Projects have included:

Those on a small scale for example - Butchers Shops, Commercial Kitchens, Milk Rooms etc through to large forklift drive in coldrooms, food preparation areas and multiple suites of coldrooms for food producers and suppliers.

Associated Services Include:

Associated Services Include:

  • Site Preparation– For example: Breaking out floor recess and sub floors if required.
  • Doors– Hinged Slab Doors, Manual Sliding Doors, Auto Sliding Doors, Prep Area Swing Doors and Low Voltage Frame Heating Systems.
  • Floors – Insulation, Low Voltage Frost Heave Protection and Granolithic Floors.
  • Shelving and Racking Systems
  • Protection Barriers
  • Relocation – Dismantling, Erection and/or Disposal
  • Maintenance and Repair

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